Indicative Land for Development Investment Opportunities


Investment Highlights

We can source and present unique larger and smaller land plots ideal for Residential, Commercial and/or Hotel development as well as high end private residence.

Land for Development

A) IDEAL FOR LARGE RESORT DEVELOPMENT Chalkidiki, a once upon a lifetime opportunity to acquire a beach front land parcel of 3.675 hectares in Chalkidiki, Greece:

  • Total size:  31.675.000 sq.m.
  • Can build:  150.000 sq.m.
  • Coast line:  7,5 km with numerous sandy beaches
  • Asking price:  95M Euros


B) IDEAL FOR RESIDENTIAL AND/OR HOTEL DEVELOPMENT North Evoia, a unique large size parcel of land with a size of 505 hectares and 3.580m of sandy beach:

  • Total size:  5.053.000 sq.m.
  • Can build:  N/A sq.m.
  • Asking price:  75M Euros

C) IDEAL FOR HOTEL DEVELOPMENT Crete, a wonderful beach front piece of land located at Northern Crete, close to Chania:

  • Total size:  100.000  sq.m.
  • Can build:  20.000 sq.m.
  • Asking price:  6M Euros

D) IDEAL FOR LUXURY RESIDENCES DEVELOPMENT Paros, a unique parcel of land at one of the most desirable locations of Paros Island. The land has a total size of 58.700 sq.m. divided to 3 plots of 44.000sq.m., 8.200sq.m. & 8.500sq.m. accordingly:

  • Total size:  58.700 sq.m.
  • Can build:  1.700 sq.m.
  • Asking price:  4,4M Euros

E) IDEAL FOR A LUXURY PRIVATE RESIDENCE DEVELOPMENT Crete, Elounda, One of the last beachfront plots at Elounda ideal for a luxury private residence:

  • Total size:  4.000 sq.m.
  • Can build:  400 sq.m.
  • Beach Front:  50m
  • Asking price:  1,8M Euros.
Indicative Land for Development Investment Opportunities