Indicative Hotel Investment Opportunities


Investment Highlights

Gain access to a unique portfolio of large size Hotels located in the Greek Islands as well as a number of smaller boutique hotel units that can add value in your Hotel Portfolio. Our company holds a portfolio of over 30 unique Hotels located in the prime tourist destinations over Greece including prime city Hotels in Athens.


A) Crete, 3 neighboring hotels  of excellent condition 650 rooms in total (5*, 5* and 4* respectively)
Total amount of 58millions (selling price). We do have an official appraisal from an international independent auditor dated 2013 for 100 million for the hotels.

B) Corfu Beach Resort 750rooms – Price on request (LOI)
Located on a Private  Beach Front of 150.000sqm of land (37 acres approx.)

C) Corfu Beach Resort – Unique location – private beach –  250 rooms – Price on request (LOI)

D) Santorini portfolio of 3 hotels 200rooms in total – Asking price 25millions

Note: In destinations like Santorini or Mykonos, we can also propose available Supreme Luxury Boutique Hotels of each including 25 to 35 unique suites with private swimming pools. 

E) Athens City 4* Hotels in Athens 200rooms in average – Price on request (LOI)

Indicative Hotel Investment Opportunities